Wood Furniture Care & Maintenance

Art Shoppe Furniture will maintain its beauty if treated with reasonable care. Follow these simple procedures to keep your furniture looking its best for years to come.

The Art Shoppe finishes require regular dusting with a soft, clean cloth, slightly moistened with water. Dry completely with another clean cloth always rubbing lightly with the grain. Occasionally, for soil build up, wipe with soft damp cloth using mild soap and water, wipe dry.

We strongly advise against the use of any cleaning or polishing products with silicone (eg. Pledge) as that may alter the finish of the furniture.

All hardware has been protected with clear lacquer.

Removing the lacquer will hasten tarnishing.

Use a soft, damp cloth to remove dust. Do not use hard detergents or brass polish.


  • Avoid contact with cigarettes, hot dishes, harsh solvents, alcohol and moisture
  • Use pads beneath accessories and when writing or eating
  • Remove spills and smudges immediately
  • Do not leave pliable vinyl materials on a wood surface
  • Do not place furniture in direct sunlight or near windows or heat outlets
  • Avoid extremes of humidity; humidifiers are recommended in the winter